Free delivery and returns in the Netherlands
Free delivery on orders over €30 – Free returns

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy a Blauberk original? 
Blauberk clothes are available online via our webshop. Our mission is to sell clothes of higher quality than most designer brands, but for a price that will make even a Dutch merchant smile. That's why we don't have stores (yet).

Where are the clothes produced?
Currently all our goods are made in the EU, specifically in Portugal and Lithuania. However if our curiosity for other fabrics, our love for travel and our interest in meeting the people who make our stuff brings us to California or Japan we will not be shy to go wherever our standard for quality can be found and our core values represented.

What is the best way to clean my clothes?
Most of our garment should be machine washed at a cold temperature (max 30°C). Please don't tumble-dry.

When does Blauberk release new apparel?
We are, to put it mildly, 24/7 frantically on the lookout for stylish and comfy products to add to the Blauberk assortment. So keep a close watch on our website.


What countries does Blauberk deliver to?
We ship our clothes at the moment only in The Netherlands and Belgium.

How much is the develivery?
In The Netherlands we don't charge for delivery and returns.
In Belgium the delivery costs are € 8,50. The return costs are for the buyer.

Do I need to be at home when my clothes are delivered?
No. To make our ecological footprint as small as possible, we designed our packaging small and light in order to send it via your mail box. This saves wasting packaging (and keeps costs low for you).

Can I place an order online and collect it from a store?
Nope, but if you insist having human contact when purchasing your new Blauberk item we'd happy to receive you at our office. We will reward you with a 10% discount for the effort! See our contact page for the address. Since we're not always there we recommend to make an appointment, though.


What is your returns & exchanges policy?
You have the right to cancel your purchase within 30 days of receipt of the goods. The easiest way to do this is to return the goods in their original condition, using the original package. For your convenience, you can use the provided return label. If you like to exchange your purchase, please return your package to us, we will reimburse you and you can place a new order online. For a retour form, please go to Shipping & returns.

I've returned my order to Blauberk. What happens next?
As soon as we receive your package, we'll send you a confirmation email. The money will be refunded to your credit or debit card as soon as possible, but always within 14 days.


Does Blauberk use child labour?
No! We aim to be as friendly to the world as possible. With the same being true for the people who make our clothes. We therefore keep in mind the golden rule ‘treat others as one would like others to treat oneself’. In our day-to-day business this means we strive to have strong personal relationships with all our manufacturers, so that we are fully informed on local working practices and conditions.

Does Blauberk use organic materials?
We don’t pretend to be all perfect, but we do want to leave the world a little bit better than what it is right now. We at Blauberk have set ourselves the standard to take responsibility for our actions. Then again we also want to earn a few bucks. Manufacturing clothes is always a burden to our world, but we try to operate our business in a way that we can honestly brag about to our sons.
We are thrilled to say that beech wood, being the raw material for micro modal, has the brilliant property that the trees propagate by themselves. So no planting is required. Nor artificial irrigation by the way. In addition micro modal consumes less fossil energy than synthetic fibers and it is carbon neutral. This fiber does not contribute to global warming! Hopefully needless to say, but for our commercial trips we compensate our flights.