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The Story

Our core values

Quality, authenticity and craftsmanship form the start of our search for the most luxurious and comfortable products the world has to offer. We believe that these three values lead to beautiful and sumptuous apparel, that you can and want to enjoy longer. We’ve searched the globe for the best fabrics and maintained the closest attention to detail, in order to appeal to style-conscious men and women.

Durable fabrics

All aspects of our company are held against our exacting standards. Less is no option. We do want to leave the world a little bit better than what it is right now. We at Blauberk have set ourselves the standard to take responsibility for our actions. Then again we also want to earn a few bucks. Manufacturing clothes is always a burden to our world, but we try to operate our business in a way that we can honestly brag about to our sons.
We are thrilled to say that beech wood, being the raw material for micro modal, has the brilliant property that the trees propagate by themselves. So no planting is required. Nor artificial irrigation by the way. In addition micro modal consumes less fossil energy than synthetic fibers and it is carbon neutral. This fiber does not contribute to global warming! Hopefully needless to say, but for our commercial trips we compensate our flights.

Sustainable quality

We aim to be as friendly to the world as possible. And our philosophy on sustainability hopefully makes this clear. In our humble opinion, something is environmentally friendly when it last longer, because you need less replacements. Clothes that keep their beauty, comfort, freshness and “looks like new” appearance are more durable. Textiles made from micro modal do not harden after several washes. These textiles will remain as soft as the day you bought them.

Honest manufacturing

As said before, we aim to be as friendly to the world as possible. With the same being true for the people who make our clothes. We therefore keep in mind the golden rule ‘treat others as one would like others to treat oneself’. In our day-to-day business this means we strive to have strong personal relationships with all our manufacturers, so that we are fully informed on local working practices and conditions.